There are plenty of reason why people would go for anal teen sex. For young people who are sexually engaged to these kinds of activities, anal blonde teen is one way to avoid pregnancy or to preserve their virginity.

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Why engage in Anal teen sex?

Although most people who are engaged in ass anal sex are primarily influenced by porn, which leads to them exploring more about their sexuality. According to a study in 2014, about 130 sexually active men and women, aged 16-18, were asked to provide their feedback on ass anal teen threesome. 19% of men and 17% of women admits that they have engaged or perform anoreceptive intercourse. Anal teen has become increasingly common among young people due to various reasons such as:
  1. Men prefer to do things they see on porn – According to a study, young men start their curiosity about opposite sex in as early as 12 years old. Porn is often used as a reference which later turned into a source of pleasure among young men. Whatever they see on porn, has become their fantasy which they wanted to do in real life as they grew older and more mature.
  2. It is ‘tighter’ – Some would consider anal teen tighter compared to vaginal intercourse. The tighter it is for men, the more pleasure they benefit from it. It would also mean pain for women, although a teen loves it even if it’s a threesome. as it is inevitable. But still, some would prefer it as it gives them more physical pleasure during intercourse.
  3. To avoid pregnancy or preserve virginity – This is one of the most common reasons why people would go for anal teen sex. Some couples, especially the young ones, would try for anal teen rather than vaginal intercourse to prevent pregnancy while maintaining sexual intimacy. Others would prefer anal teen for the same reason that they want to preserve their virginity until they are wed.
  4. Higher chance of getting an orgasm – Truth be told, you can reach orgasm more in anal teen compared to vaginal intercourse. According to a survey in 2010 that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 94 percent of 39-year-old female participants have achieved orgasm during their most recent anal teen session. Apparently, there’s only a few women are reaching orgasm during vaginal sex. Women who have never tried anal teen and are only doing vaginal sex are struggling to have an orgasm. About 25 percent of them are consistently having an orgasm during vaginal sex sessions.
  Anal teen intercourse can be painful especially when the participants are not used to it. The pain involved during anal is also known as anodyspareunia. According to a 2010 study about women who experienced anal teen intercourse, a total of 49% stated that their first experience with anal teen was too painful and with discomfort. However, 28.4% of the participants who were regularly performing anal teen intercourse stated that the pain and discomfort gradually diminish as both partners gain experience over time and time. And only 7.7% reported that there was no pain or discomfort at all during anal teen intercourse.

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