Painal – Anal Porn

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Painal is anal porn and it comes from the fact that many people feel pain when having an anal sex. So the porn company created a film which is basically about a girl who gets an anal pain and she goes crazy because she had not expected it.

I did not know what to expect and that’s the main reason why I enjoyed Painal because I did not expect the anal pain and I never wanted to quit it. It is amazing how I did not get an anal pain and then the next day it happened. But I was sure that the porn is fake and I would not see how it could work in real life. But I was wrong because this is actually how it worked.

One thing that I really liked about Painal anal porn is that it did not focus on women. The main characters are male, which makes it very interesting for me. Also since it has only men and it is called porn, it did not focus on any type of porn that usually happens when women do porn.

You might think that painal is a porn movie but it is not. Painal is a true story about an adult woman who was so nervous of anal sex that she was scared to do it. And then she found out how painful it was after doing anal and then she went crazy because it hurt so bad and she couldn’t even stand up.

Painal is an anal sex where the main characters do not really focus on the anal sex. They concentrate more on the pain that the woman has to endure. After all she was so scared to have anal sex that she was even scared to leave her house. So if you want to watch Painal, go to my blog now and see for yourself.