WakFuck, The Japanese Internet Slang

WakFuck, a Japanese word that translates to “I am a jerk”, is a popular Japanese internet term. If you are a jerk then you might want to consider the implications of such a phrase and how it might relate to your online presence. Indeed, it might be an indication that you need to take some kind of action to remedy this problem.

WakFuck has been around since the late 1980s and is considered one of Japan’s internet jargon. It is used by users to show their attitude towards someone else. WakFuck is not only used by members of the Japanese society but also by people in other parts of the world. People use this term for different reasons and it can be used with other terms to show various things.

WakFuck is used to show disapproval on internet sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. A person who is using WakFucks to express his displeasure may wish to post some comments about the comments he has made and show his irritation. Such a reaction from the user could result in negative comments appearing on the wall of the person who has posted the negative comments.

In such cases, the Japanese society is often criticized as a whole. There is always some kind of discussion going on about it. Some people say that it is a common practice among Japanese people to use WakFucks, and this has been around since the late 1980s. Other people say that the term was invented by an English speaker as a curse word and that this means “stink” in English. These are not the only explanations given for the origin of the term, but they are most commonly given.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the term WakFuck actually originated from an online community of users in Japan. Users in this online community would often make negative comments against members of the online community. One of these comments in fact became WakFuck and is still in use even today.

Whatever the exact origins of WakFucks may be, its meaning still remains the same – an insult that is often made against members of a particular online community. As such, the Japanese society is often criticized. WakFuck is often used by members of the Japanese society to show their displeasure and to the actions of other members of the Japanese society.