Why You Should Read “Lingerie Manifesto by Viv Thomas”

Viv Thomas is an iconic world-renown glamour model and pioneering pioneer of the thigh sex movement. She’s one of only two women in history to have appeared in all eight issues of Playboy magazine, the only model of that caliber who has made that claim. In addition to modeling for Playboy, Viv has been photographed for major catalogs such as Penthouse and has been the face of countless lingerie designs.

Born in England, Viv grew up in a household where she was exposed to European art and culture. She attended both the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Royal College of Art before taking up modeling. She won first prize at the British Fashion Awards in 1969 for her work with Penthouse. She was also featured on a cover of the Penthouse Special Editions in 1970 and was voted “Most Humble” at the British Fashion Awards for the same year.

The first VIV THOMAS images were shot for Penthouse, and she was selected to pose in them for the first time during the shoot. She was a fan of Penthouse Magazine from its conception and began submitting photos to them as soon as she could. She became one of the magazine’s favorite faces and was even listed among the “Ten Most Wanted Models of 1970.”

After appearing in the magazine, VIV THOMAS ventured into modeling for other companies. Her first big break was as the face of the lingerie line of G-Spot Girl, but it didn’t last long.

But in the early 1980s, VIV THOMAS was back in the limelight, this time as the face of a high-end fashion line in New York called Playtex. She and her sister Lola were among the many stars of Playtex’s launch campaign. Though the company failed, the sisters continued to model for various other companies and have continued to do so until now.

Viv Thomas has continued to expand her international portfolio over the years, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States. She was photographed for the famous “Playboy” edition of Penthouse and even visited Japan for her first ever solo fashion show there.

In addition to her modeling work, VIV THOMAS has written three best sellers of her own. Her book, “Playboy’s Guide to Beautiful Women” sold over one million copies, which is not only a stunning achievement but is the largest selling book of all time by a woman.

Another book that was released recently was VIV THOMAS’ very own “Lingerie Manifesto,” an expose on the importance of lingerie and the “lingerie industry.” The book details her personal journey into the lingerie business and her observations about women and lingerie. She talks about her desire to see more women in sexy clothing and what she feels has happened to the market. to the industry and what she would like to see changed.

If you want to know more about her life as a model and the world she calls home, VIV THOMAS will not disappoint. She will help you to explore her passions and show you how the clothing industry is so much more than a place to get clothes.