The Best British Comedy Actors of All Time

Skuddbutt, the British comedy group consisting of comedians Richard Ayoade and John Bishop, first made its name on British television in the mid-eighties, before making their way onto national TV. This is where it received widespread acclaim and was soon followed by films including Fantastic Four (as well as a series of live action spoofs), and the cartoon series, The Adventures of Tom & Jerry. Over time Skuddbutt has expanded beyond its original medium, but it continues to enjoy a cult following due to the high quality of the shows they create.

Although John Bishop and Richard Ayoade have long since left the comedy business, Skuddbutt still tours and performs throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. There are regular concerts held in London and other British cities, and Skuddbutt have recently released a compilation album, featuring all the music from the eighties that the group has recorded. Whilst many of the songs have not been heard on stage in decades, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to miss them! The band has also put out some music on DVD for their fans, which is available at various online retailers.

Skuddbutt have always maintained a sense of levity and this has always endeared them to audiences, even those that may find their humour offensive. They take themselves too seriously though, which is one of the reasons they continue to make new music, even though their popularity is on the wane. This type of humour isn’t for everyone and many people have a problem with it, but Skuddbutt do offer a great alternative to more traditional British comedy music, making them one of the most popular comedy groups in the country.

Skuddbutt’s music is full of fun and irreverent observations about the world in general and the lives of ordinary people in particular. Although the band members were born in England, their musical influences include many other styles, all of which adds to the charm and originality of their show.

It is also a good idea to note that Skuddbutt’s members are not related to each other by blood. They are all from different parts of the UK and some of them are of mixed race, which adds an extra dimension to their characters and adds another dimension to their audience. Skuddbutt never shirks on showing their differences and their personalities, which is why the audience love them. and why they remain so popular today.

If you are looking for a British comedy act that you can relate to, then the British duo of Skuddbutt and John Bishop are the group for you. They are the perfect choice!