Is SkiptheGames Legitimate?

SkiptheGames is a paid membership website which offers the ability to play games that are based around online role playing games. The site allows users to create a free account and use it to try out a variety of games, which can then be purchased or downloaded to their computers. The founder, who goes by the name of Mark, claims to have created the site in order to help people get into playing role playing games without having to spend too much money to do so.

Due to the investigation, a warrant was initially obtained for the home of SkiptheGames. On February 26th, the Special Investigations Unit, with the help of an investigating detective and a POP unit, began a sting operation. Suntala Downs, 35 of Eureka and Michelle Casanas, 50 of Eureka were both found to be registered members of the site as escorts, and were contacted by investigators through text. Both women were subsequently arrested and later released on bail.

SkiptheGames also states on its website that it has “paid over $100k dollars” for undercover operations and arrests. Although, in general, this type of operation does not take a lot of time to complete, the fact that the site was able to gain access to the home of the website operator means that they may not necessarily have spent the required amount to obtain this information.

Due to SkiptheGames’ legal status, it is unable to state on its own website how many members have been identified by investigators. However, when contacted by investigators, it is believed that around 10 members were identified. Of these members, only one was reported to be an Escort.

Despite the fact that it has not been officially admitted to, it is believed that the owner of SkiptheGames is actually the founder of another paid membership dating service. This is because in August of 2020, Mark posted on his Facebook page that he was “pregnant”.

In summary, it is thought that although SkiptheGames does provide a free service which is relatively similar to other dating sites, it does not really follow the standard rules of dating. Therefore, the site may be used for a number of purposes, but may also be used by scammers in order to steal credit card information and use other methods of identity theft.

The law enforcement authorities who conducted the raid believe that many people may be involved in this illegal activity. Although, at this time, the authorities are still at an “ongoing stage of investigation”. It is suggested that anyone who uses or registers with a site that appears to offer a similar service to SkiptheGames should contact the authorities immediately.

It is recommended that users of any site offering a paid membership for a dating site also perform a search to determine if there is any legitimate reviews about SkiptheGames. It is hoped that if a person is being misled by a review, then they can find a review site that provides unbiased information. If you want to use a free service, check that site’s ratings and review before joining the site. It is not always necessary to pay to sign up with a paid site, however, if you are not sure you need the service.