Sislovesme by Sarah Young

Sislovesme is an erotic story featuring three sexy teenage teens in the most intimate and steamy scenes of the year! Stepfather Helps Stepson: The three hot teenaged sisters from different households are friends but when one sister moves away and moves in with her new boyfriend, they must put aside their differences to stick together and fight for the love of their lives.

Stepmother Helps Stepson: The two hot blondes, Maddy, is a good looking blonde who is the brains of the party girl. Her best friend is the hot brunette, Stephanie, with a great body and a pretty face. When Stephanie decides she wants a change in her life and likes the idea of going out with her best friend, Maddy tries to stop her from leaving and calls her a dirty word. When Stephanie leaves, Maddy calls the police and tells them she will come for Stephanie the next night.

Stepbrother Helps StepSis: Sis is an innocent young woman who is full of beauty and charm. However, because she was not sexually abused as a child and because she does not live with her mother, it is no surprise that she is very shy when it comes to men.

Once the three girls get to know each other, the girls begin to have sex in the living room, in the basement, even in the bathroom, until Sis gets tired and decides to let her stepmother help her get her confidence back by having sex with her best friend. As the night goes on, Sis is asked to come home and take care of her stepmother, while Stephanie and Maddy are invited to a party. While the girls enjoy the night out, they do not notice that Sis is feeling depressed because of her lack of success with men.

When Maddy tells her stepmother that she is having a party, Sis is devastated, but she decides that she is ready to try again and ask her stepmother to go with her. In order to get revenge on Stephanie for what she said, Sis decides that she is going to get her stepmother’s phone number and see how she feels about the situation. Stephanie then calls the police to report that Sis is causing a disturbance and has gotten into fights with other teenagers.

When Sis arrives at the party, she finds that her stepmother has taken her to a secret hideout, where she tells her that she has been taken advantage of and is afraid to be alone because she knows her mother will be hurt if she is caught. Sis is able to tell her mother everything that she knows about her and offers to give her money to buy herself and her mother a new identity. She also reveals that she does not want Stephanie to know that her mother had a party because she wants to give Sis a chance to get to know her own. But Sis cannot stop her from telling her stepmother that she is having a party because her mother is not going to help her. Sis gets in trouble and Sis’ mother is arrested.