What Does the Name “Shadbase” Mean?

The most recent addition to the list of popular porn websites is the infamous and possibly, not-so-popular-anymore porn website called “Shadbase”. Shadbase is noted for his incredibly graphic illustrations of sexual activity in his paintings. Over time, other sections of internet users, particularly on 4chan, started objecting to his highly disturbing and even disturbing pictures and coined a new name for him-Shadman.

With this new name came a whole new set of controversy-how the two words “shad”base” relate to pornographic images. While the connection may seem obvious, it has resulted in a lot of confusion, most notably on the imageboard scene, where the two words are used interchangeably.

Now, I’ve been involved in the online adult entertainment industry for many years and am familiar with the controversy surrounding the popular porn website. My personal experience with this particular website has been nothing but positive-I have never had any issues with Shadbase’s website, as I had issues with the original “Shadman” website. I also know that a number of his paintings feature images of nude women.

Now, let’s talk about the term “Shadbase”. Basically, the website was created by a person who goes by the name “Shadman” and the term is actually derived from a term he uses repeatedly on his website: “Shadbase” simply means “shag” in his native language of German.

Now, that brings me to one of the problems surrounding the word “Shadbase” itself-it is an inappropriate word to use to describe pornographic images. I understand how the site itself was meant to be funny, but the images are disgusting and, by its very nature, pornographic. If this person (or group) wishes to change the name to something more palatable, they can probably find another name to use.

So, that brings us back to the original question: What does the name “Shadbase” mean? In my opinion, it’s simply a clever way to insult people who view the site. Personally, I don’t care what the name is, but if you feel that it’s a problem, then maybe you should consider changing the name?

Of course, there are some people who disagree with the use of the word ‘shadbase’ because of its origins and their use of the word has been met with quite a bit of resistance. There are those who believe that it’s okay to use a slang term in everyday life and that it doesn’t matter if the person using it is a “dirty old man” or some teenage boy. And to them, that’s totally fine. After all, we’re talking about words here, right?

But, for many people who are just starting out in the adult entertainment industry, it’s not a serious business-it’s a fun part-time gig. And by the very nature of its use, the Internet is a very serious business. If you take it too seriously, it’s no longer a part of your lifestyle-and it’s not a good thing, either. Especially, when it comes to being able to enjoy the privacy, independence, comfort, and fun of being your own boss and having fun at the same time.

“Shadbase” really brings down the quality of life for a lot of people. So, for this reason alone, I don’t think it’s a good name for the website. Please consider all this.