Real Sex Magazine

Real Sex is an award-winning documentary television show broadcast by HBO and a production of BBC Worldwide. As the title suggests, Real Sex: A Channel for Sexually Explicit “Magazines” explores sexually explicit “magnets” from the 90s to modern-day sexuality. The aim of Real Sex: A Channel for Sexually Explicit Magazines is to provide pornography for those who may not find it acceptable to read explicit materials or may not want to view explicit materials due to privacy or religious beliefs.

Real Sex was born in 1995 in the United Kingdom when Channel 4 aired a similar documentary series called “The Sexually Dangerous”. Like Real Sex, the Sexually Dangerous series was also set in London. Unlike the Sexually Dangerous series, the Real Sex series was developed in Canada. This channel features women’s and men’s magazines with a variety of sexually provocative subjects and themes, but is mainly focused on women’s magazines.

Real Sex presents sex from a woman’s point of view, presenting her relationship with the men she dates, her sexual fantasies and sexual desires, and her interaction with men who share the same interests and beliefs as she does. The aim of this series is to give readers a clear view of what women think about sex from the perspective of a woman.

The Sexually Explicit Magazines, produced by Real Sex, feature images that are typically more graphic than most images found in most magazines. Some of these images, like those found in “Horny Goat Girl”, include nudity and simulated oral sex. There is usually a small section of the publication that highlights the most graphic images and in some cases includes an accompanying article by the author. In other magazines, images are displayed with a caption; images found in “Horny Goat Girl” are shown alongside images from “Horny Goat Girl: Sex, Love & Adventure” magazine.

Although not everyone finds explicit materials as offensive as the Catholic Church or conservatives do, there is no mistaking that the majority of people who subscribe to “Real Sex” magazines are women. Many women are uncomfortable showing their bodies to a man or sharing their sexual fantasies with a stranger, so the use of explicit images and “magazines” such as “Horny Goat Girl” can be seen as threatening. However, “Horny Goat Girl” does not display sexually suggestive images.

While not every piece of “Real Sex: A Channel for Sexually Explicit Magazines” is offensive to all women, many of them are. The “Horny Goat Girl” article featured a controversial story of rape, a rape scene, a rape victim’s image and message, and the perpetrator’s face.