Chaturbate Takes Over

The original owner of Porntrex – the most popular female sex cam model site in the world, announced on twitter that he had been contacted by Chaturbate, the new owner of the site. “We’re currently making changes to the website and have temporarily disabled access to all our products for a period of time. Stay tuned.” He later added, “So this is what is going on with @chaturbate at the moment. We’ll talk more soon.”

According to the original website creator, it is very hard to believe that Chaturbate wants to take over the site. “We have made a strong and profitable business out of offering members high quality, fresh content, which is of course completely legal. Chaturbate’s intentions are unclear and we don’t know why they have decided to close down the site.”

Chaturbate, however, has a clear motive in doing so. According to their own press release, it seems that, “As the market for adult video websites has grown in recent years, the companies who host these websites have become increasingly worried about copyright infringement as well as issues like fraud and identity theft.”

The company has invested around $3.5 million into creating a brand new site with all the features that fans expect from the original site. The new site features high quality videos from all over the world with many new and improved features, including more than four thousand webcam models from around the world and unlimited membership to over a hundred thousand sites.

The new site is currently only available to members, though it is hoped that more members will eventually sign up. At the moment, it seems like people from Europe can access the site. There is no word on when it may be available to users outside of Europe. While the site has some great features, it is also true that the site is a bit bare bones compared to its sister sites, such as PornVideos or tube.

Whether or not Chaturbate was a part of the negotiations is unclear, though it does make sense. If it was, they would probably offer the site for free to keep new members coming to the site in hopes of driving traffic to their site and thus driving up their revenues, which could mean more profit for them.

Still, even with all of this going on, it seems unlikely that Chaturbate’s new site will overtake the popular ones in the near future. In order to do so, it would need to find a way to add more features and add it to a site that already offers an abundance of adult entertainment. It seems unlikely that it can make it to that point.

Chaturbate is one of the most popular online adult sites, but it is clear that it is now competing with more popular websites such as PornVideos and XTube, and offers much less features than the original site. Whether or not it can compete or not remains to be seen, but the site has been a hit in the past, and could do so again in the future.