Nannyspy by Robin McKinley

Nannyspy, the first novel of this series was a lot of fun to read. This is something I can recommend to anyone that enjoys this genre, I would even say this book will have you hooked in no time at all.

In the beginning, Nannyspy is a single mother and the main character in a terrible accident, which was caused by a careless driver, has taken away her ability to get pregnant. But Nannyspy is not going to let her circumstances stop her from a fulfilling life. After recovering and living the life she once enjoyed, Nannyspy is ready to get married, but now has to wait for a young man to come along, who can be seen as a father figure to her little son. Nannyspy is a person who is always ready for any challenge and is ready to put her best foot forward. And she knows this means putting on her clothes very sexy.

Nannyspy gets herself ready for her big day, by doing some sexy things in the back seat of her car. But when her son comes along for his first date with Nannyspy, things just don’t go quite as planned. Nannyspy’s son is shy and nervous, and Nannyspy doesn’t really know how to handle him. As the date goes on, Nannyspy realizes that she might not know the true meaning of a relationship, and as things start to get a little bit awkward, Nannyspy finds herself in a very uncomfortable position.

A relationship of this sort, is always dangerous. As Nannyspy and her son go out, Nannyspy starts feeling some discomfort in her stomach, and she is sure it is related to her current relationship. Nannyspy’s friends and family tell her that they don’t care, and they don’t understand her. However, Nannyspy realizes that a relationship like this is going to bring her closer to the person she loves, and she wants to keep the relationship going.

But as Nannyspy starts to feel more comfortable with her son, the relationship between the two becomes more intimate. The relationship turns to love, and Nannyspy’s son, in turn, comes around to loving Nannyspy. and begins to love Nannyspy. Nannyspy’s life then starts to change for the better as she is able to get a job that she has always dreamed about.

I found Nannyspy to be an interesting character, and one who kept me on the edge of my seat. and kept me looking forward to the next book. I enjoyed Nannyspy’s adventures and was able to relate with Nannyspy, in a way that other books I have read about women never seemed to. Overall, this is an exciting book that I recommend for anyone that likes this type of story.