Write An Erotic Novel in Literotica

Literotica is an online free erotic fiction site. It boasts over one hundred thousand registered users worldwide and offers any individual the opportunity to become a writer and publish erotic works in a multitude of categories including romance, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, pornography and so on. Many authors submit short stories, poetry, essays, novels and other written works in a range of genres.

One of the best aspects of Literotica is its ability to offer erotic fiction to members who do not possess writing skills or creative ideas. Writers can use a simple writing software program that works with a wide variety of writing software tools and e-books. The authors have the ability to edit their writing materials using the writing program. Once a story is complete, the author has the ability to upload the content to Literotica and begin marketing it to thousands of users around the world. Writing software allows writers to create different types of erotic works that include love stories, romance, erotic tales and more.

Through their writing program writers market their works by submitting them to various sites, directories, blogs and message boards. By submitting stories to these sites and more, writers have the chance to be noticed by a wider audience. These sites and networks then begin to read and review the work of writers. When these writers are aware of the writer’s works, they will often contact the writers to request that they send them more materials to market their works to a wider audience.

Many sites allow readers to vote on a writer’s works. Writers that receive many votes from other users are then contacted by publishers and editors. These writers are then able to meet with literary agents and submit their works for publication, which helps to increase their reputation and increase their exposure and popularity online.

Writing in Literotica has been shown to be effective in increasing the writer’s interest in writing. It has also shown to decrease the writer’s need to invest in books and traditional reading materials. As more writers join the community, literacy and writing increases in the general population and literacy levels continue to increase in the United States.

Writing in Literotica has also shown to increase writers’ confidence and a desire to write. The increased exposure and popularity of the writing community also allow writers to earn additional income through writing.