How to Talk About Your Likze

“Likedezg” means a bunch of things in Turkish. It is actually a word that means a lot of different things in the Turkic languages and has come to be a common word in the Turkish language for a lot of different things. The meaning of this word in this context is something that refers to the group of people that are called “likedez”.

What “likedez” means in the context of the Turkish language, is a group of people that are known as “likedez”. These are people that have a high level of friendship with other people in the same social circles. They tend to like and respect the same people that they are also familiar with. The more people that they know, the more likely they are to become friends with those people.

In the wider context of the society, “likedezg” can also refer to a bunch of different things, including a bunch of different kinds of people. It can mean a bunch of different things depending on who you ask, but it tends to mean something that is somewhat high in popularity. This is because there is a lot of similarity between the Turkish word “likedezg”, and the English word “socialite”.

“Likedezg” is also related to the English word “liking”. When you talk about liking someone or being nice to someone, it is usually related to a bunch of other things. When you’re talking about liking someone, it is always associated with liking another person’s interests. This may not include them.

When talking about “likedezg”, it’s always best to stay away from actually saying the word, as it may make it seem as though you are referring to something completely different than you actually do. However, if someone asks you how you like them, it’s always best to say something like “I’m looking forward to getting to know you”.

“Likedezg” can also mean that you have some kind of affection or interest in someone else. This interest can range from the interest that you have with their body parts, to the interest that you have in their interests and hobbies. It is almost always best to keep this information within the scope of the friendship when talking about this type of love or interest.

If you are not willing to talk about your likkezg, then you should probably consider not being one. You wouldn’t want to be one if you wanted to be in a place where you could be truly yourself. There are many ways to find out about this, but one of the best ways is by asking others who you feel are close enough to you, if they would say what kind of likkez they like about you.

The most important thing when talking about “likedezg” is to keep it very general, and general. If someone asks you how you like them, then you need to answer it honestly. If you give them an answer that is vague, then they can be suspicious.