What Is A Likkez?

When a person is asked about their favourite way to describe themselves, they will almost always say something like “I’m a lukekez”, or even “I’m a lukezer”. This is not far off the mark, for it is a very easy description of what an individual user does. They are usually the ones that carry out all the difficult jobs, such as taking care of the property and selling the building, running the bank and paying the mortgage and other bills.

The first thing that any likkezer would do would be to get rid of whatever it was that they had been working so hard to get in the first place. If you have a property that you bought for a low price, then this person would probably do anything that they could to get rid of that property. The properties they take over, would usually cost them a good sum of money and the lukerkicker would be looking to make a lot of money by getting rid of them. This is why so many lukerkickers try to go into properties without making any offers.

They would also buy the property with the intention of making it easier to sell it when they go to sell it later on. A lukerkicker would not be interested in the property, if they knew that there were no potential buyers. The reason for this is because they would know that they could make a good amount of money out of it, if they were able to sell it for a higher price than what they bought it for.

They would also be looking to get rid of properties, which they have been looking at for a long time, but are not willing to sell. A lukerkicker will look at a property and find out how much it would cost to renovate it. They will then start to think about whether or not they should be selling it or renovating it more. This is what they are called “re-working” the property.

It is worth noting that if they were going to buy a property and renovate it, that it will cost them more than the actual cost of buying the property, and then renovating it again. This is because they will need to get the materials from somewhere, and also hire someone to help them, and pay them some money, which will help them get a good profit out of their investment.

Likkeers are a great source of employment for young people. These young people can work as lukerkickers at night, and also on weekends, which means that if you have the money, they can work at night and on weekends as well.