Leimien: A Great Choice For Chatting Online

LEIMIEN is an innovative new service, which has recently been launched in the mobile world. It enables mobile users to connect to the web using just their mobile in an almost entirely secure manner. The concept behind the product is to give Internet connectivity for those who might be on the go but still demand the same high level of protection and functionality that a dedicated machine provides. The product can work on both smartphones and PDAs. With the help of a PIN, one can also access protected areas of the web, view detailed information about websites and download files.

There are certain limitations that are put in place to ensure the authenticity of the application. For instance, one has to be a registered member of the Leimien website before he/she can avail of these services. To be eligible for a PIN, one also needs to have a good balance in his/her savings account, as this would act as a proof for authenticity. It also requires the user to accept membership terms such as cancellation at any time without prior notice. These terms also state that all conversations that take place between the user and the service provider while using the service are done on secure lines.

Through the PIN, the user is able to log into his/her account from any location with his/her mobile, and can view all activities as well as messages from other members. Apart from that, there are several other features that one can avail while using leimien. These include free chat and message boards, downloading tools, a camera or a video recorder, a file manager, a photo album, a calculator and much more. As a member of the website, one is entitled to different types of perks as well, such as free ring tones for example.

The biggest advantage of leimien is that it can help people manage their cell phone bills better. As the company only charges users a subscription fee, they are able to manage their costs better. This is because the fees for calls made through their phones are very low. Apart from that, the Leimien service also provides users with free ring tones for their cell phone models which further helps them conserve money. In addition to this, other perks such as receiving coupons for items, getting free shipping of products which were purchased using their cards and other similar offers are also being made.

To get started with the free chat, all that the user needs to do is register on the website, providing personal details such as name, address, email and contact number. The user is then entitled to a certain number of free messages which he/she can choose to respond to or delete. He/she can also view other people’s messages as well as new messages which come in. However, it should be noted that the person who registered must log on to the website before sending a message. It is also important to note that once a message is sent, it is permanent and cannot be deleted.

Apart from this, Leimien also has a very interesting contest where the first five people to send a message will win a Leimien T-shirt, which is available in two colors – black and white. The user is also allowed to use the phone’s camera and upload a photo on the website for uploading. All these features have made Leimien one of the most sought after free chat rooms on the Internet today. The various promos and deals that this website comes up with make it even more attractive to people. Therefore, Leimien is without a doubt an excellent choice for anyone who wants to chat online with friends without spending too much money.