Larkin Love – My Favorite Sex DVD Movie!

Larkin Love is an incredibly talented American porn actress, fetish model and fetish photographer. Her start in porn started in a Texas strip club owner’s club in Las Vegas. She later went to Los Angeles to pursue modeling, stripping and finally landed in New York City where she became known as Big Tits, a fetish model for fetishists.

The first Larkin Love movie I ever saw her in was the porn film “The Perfect Man”. I can remember this movie with great fondness and it was the first movie I watched of her with a male partner. What I remember about Larkin Love that makes me nostalgic is her passion and desire to keep her fans happy. She is one of the few porn actresses who really cares about her fans and they have always been able to come back for more, which is a good sign of a truly dedicated person.

In Larkin Love, she plays the role of a woman who finds herself in a relationship with a guy named John. After falling for him she develops a fetish for his large penis, so she decides to turn him into a man by having him engage in penis enlargement surgeries.

As John has trouble coming up with ideas to get her excited to have sex, he starts making up silly jokes that make her laugh. He does this because he wants her to feel sexy and wanted, and he also thinks she is funny. Eventually, she agrees to have a threesome with him and another woman, and she asks him to take a little bit of the time in between to go out and have fun with her friends, but John declines.

Later, John decides he needs to do something to please her and so he gets her pregnant with one of her girlfriends, and then he tells her to stay with her girlfriend until he gets back from doing it. That’s when he tells her to tell him all her secrets so he can make up his mind whether or not he should have her as a wife.

Larkin Love has a very unique set of skills, and she is able to keep you glued to the screen no matter how many times you watch her. In her movies you can tell that she knows what she is doing, because she will be able to incorporate the best parts of what she is doing in each scene with the best possible angles so that you get a real look at her body and a realistic view of her face. It is apparent that she really loves what she does and you can tell when she smiles because of it. I have a feeling that her ability to capture the viewer is because once she makes a move that you will not be able to stop yourself from watching it again.