Jasmine Jade, Big Boobies & Big Tits

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Jasmine Marie Jade (Jai Yong) is the beautiful, innocent, but naughty college junior daughter of his stepmom’s mother. She has a cute little body but is very shy about it and doesn’t speak up much. Her cute little personality attracts all sorts of guys, especially Danny Dera. His step mom, Lisa Marie, is a big fan of Jasmine and wants to make things better between her and Danny by taking him back to her place on their first Christmas break.

On Christmas Eve they have a surprise party for Danny Dera and his friends: Jasmine and the Big Tits. They spend the whole night in her room and it turns out to be more than just a simple party; they have sex… The next day Danny has a huge crush on Jasmine, and they end up dating.

When Jasmine’s mom and her friend’s visit to see the new boyfriend, Jasmine’s mother is not pleased. She tells them that they should have brought someone, because her son is going to marry Jasmine. Danny and Jasmine’s mom then argue and she tells him to go and marry her instead.

When Danny goes off to marry Lisa Marie, Jasmine goes to Jasmine’s grandmother’s house where she tries to stop Danny from marrying Lisa Marie. However, this plan backfires because Jasmine’s grandmother doesn’t love Danny. He still marries Lisa Marie anyway. When Jasmine finds out this, she goes to her grandmother’s house and finds out that she had been lying to her mom for years…

Jasmine goes with Danny and becomes his lover. However, Danny finds out that Jasmine has other plans for her and wants to take over her family. The two of them fight and end up having an affair. The movie ends with both of them dying together in a car crash and Jasmine dying right in front of Danny.