Insyrinoff MMA – A Review of Insyranka McCann’s MMA Training

Insyranka MMA has been promoted by the famous mixed martial arts athlete, Vijvananth “Vijitsu” Srilanka. The promotion was started to help insistent people who are in desperate need for self-defense skills to protect themselves from intruders and attackers. It is a program that was started by an IT graduate called Ravi Verma. The name “Insyranka” stands for “Insuitable forces”. This program will not only provide you with an opportunity to learn striking and submissions from the best professionals in the MMA, but also from an experienced trainer.

There is no doubt that Vijvananth’s insistent style of teaching has had its good side effects. He has won many titles for his school. Some of these have been regional titles, however others have been world titles. He has a very impressive record and has a very good reputation as a MMA trainer. All this has made him a top figure in the field of MMA and a trainer. Many amateur fighters are now studying with him.

When I first discovered “Insyrinoff MMA” about a year ago, I was very sceptical. I wasn’t sure that anyone would take training methods from a man who had won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament three times. However, after a couple of classes, I started to see some promise. I knew that it was going to be a challenge to make the most out of what I learned.

As I entered the third week of my training with Insyranka MMA, I was already starting to see some results. I learnt that I was making better use of my striking strength, and that I was learning how to use submissions more effectively. The speed and stamina that I gained from the training were impressive to say the least.

It was when I was defending my first title fight against Mike Urban that I really saw what I could achieve. I learned about how to use height and strategy against opponents who were bigger and stronger than me, and about how to keep my submission skills fresh and powerful. The confidence that I gained from defeating a top level competitor made my confidence grow. Now I am confident enough to challenge the best women professional fighters.

One of the lessons that I have gained from fighting MMA fighters is that you can’t let your guard down. Always be aware of your opponent’s breathing, his speed and other movements. Keep your hands ready to defend any attempt to take you down. If you are too relaxed, your strikes will be weak and inaccurate.