An ImageFAP Review – What is ImageFAP?

What is imagefap? How did I find it? I wake up this morning with husband acting weird so saw that he had a small red tab labeled “imagefap” on his computer, what is that? tried to look at it but the computer just blocked it and then didn’t allow me to click anything. Please mature adult answers only, please!

Well, first of all it’s very easy to use. It’s actually so easy that even for the least tech savvy person it’s quite easy to use. All you need is your computer, a credit card, and your login information.

When you first click the image the program scans your computer and downloads a new set of images that it thinks is the best of what you have. It then updates your list of images. When you are finished using the service it will save it in a folder for your reference. You can then click on the “back” button of your browser and the images will download into your new folder. If you don’t want to keep the images or use them as many times as you like you can delete them.

When you sign up you will be asked to pay a one time fee that is very reasonable. Once you sign up it will allow you unlimited searches and downloads.

I have seen it used by many people and have enjoyed using it because it’s such a great product. It is a lot better than most of the software that I’ve been using over the years. I recommend it to everyone.

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