Hush-Hush Microphones – A Guide to Purchasing

Hushcams are hidden or “hush-hush” cameras – a name that’s short for “hummingbird” cam. The name was named after the company that made and sold them, Hush Puppies, who made the first of these surveillance devices in the 1970s. Hush-hush cameras don’t record to video; they only record to an analog signal. They’re used mainly by private investigators, but occasionally by folks who’d rather have a bit more privacy on their wireless network, like at home or at work.

There are many kinds of Hush-hush cam models available for sale or rent. The basic setup is as follows: You put up a web cam at some place that you want to record, and then you hide the real cam somewhere else (like your desk or in the closet). When you want to view the recording later, just look up the web cam address and you’ll find it among the options on your computer. Now, you can have your adult chat rooms recorded (and if you use real web cams, you might be able to view them as well). Or you can set up your Hush-hush camera to capture random photos (which may not be very interesting, but can make for good bedtime scrapbooks).

Why would you use Hush-hush cameras instead of regular cameras? Well, the primary reason that regular web cam users don’t use them is because they’re inconvenient. For example, if you go to a public Internet chat room, you don’t want other people on the other side of the Web to see your cam. And when you use an adult chat room, you want people to assume that your cam is private at all times. Hush-hush cameras, however, allow people on either side of the connection to view the recording at any time.

In addition to having a discreet cam setup, adult cams offer a great way to turn a regular webcam into something extra special. When you’re using a regular cam, you can’t really have a personalized message for each person who watches your cam; instead, you get a generic” Hi” message. Hush-hush microphones enable you to have a microphone attached to your adult cam, so you can actually speak to the other people on the cam. You can talk to them in your own voice!

Some adult chat rooms offer the ability to add your Hush-Hush microphone to every room. This can be incredibly fun for couples or individuals who like to have extra cams at home. If you know someone who frequently uses adult chat rooms, you could set up your Hush-Hush is so that you can also use your cam at home for a chat. This way, you’ll have two ways to record your voice–one to use while you’re online and one to record back at home. It’s a double advantage that will make you more comfortable while using the cam.

There are some limits to the use of this microphone, however. It is illegal in some states to record audio with a microphone that plugs into an adult cam. Also, adult cams require software to run, which your computer may not have or doesn’t have the right software to play. You can purchase software to play the cam using your computer, but some adult cams don’t have this option. If you can’t find a suitable software option, you might want to look for a different cam.