Discover What HotGayList Has to Offer

HotGayList is a social networking site where gay people of all ages, sexual orientations, and preferences can connect to one another. Through HotGayList, gay men and lesbians can communicate with one another through the use of their Facebook profile, chat room, or private message service. While most of the site’s users are gay and lesbian, it is not uncommon for heterosexual men and women to be members as well.

With HotGayList, gay people can share links to their sites, blogs, events, or other information. Members can also send and receive friend requests. Other than a person’s own information, he or she does not have to divulge much personal information. In fact, if members of HotGayList feel uncomfortable or threatened by a stranger, they can report that person.

HotGayList’s member can post messages that range from their personal life to their interests and hobbies. Members also can search through a large database of profiles that others may have and see what information that person has posted. However, users do have to remember that anyone who becomes a member of HotGayList is doing so at their own risk. If a member is a member on any other dating site, it is not advised to register on HotGayList unless that person has a good history with dating and has no complaints against them.

People who are not familiar with the site might assume that it is purely about sex. This is true in a sense, but there are many more things to do on HotGayList. Many of its members enjoy the site because of the friendships that they have built with people from different parts of the world. They can also network with other gay men and women to exchange ideas, tips, and articles that are helpful to gay people everywhere.

Despite the fact that it has become popular among gay people, HotGayList does not advertise that fact. When members become members they will not see any ads on the site. However, those who become members will be notified by email when the member’s friends have added their profiles and that person will receive a notification when someone contacts the member.

Though the site is new to the gay community, it is growing everyday. The site’s members have reported more than a 100 members in just a month and are on the verge of surpassing 500 members.