Horsecock – The Sea Serpent

The Horsecock is a legendary sea serpent that inhabits the waters of the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. Its name comes from the Greek word for ‘sea serpent’. The name can be likened to that of the great grey serpent, Gorgonope lecithin, which was one of the legendary beasts that lived in the seas off of Greece.

This creature’s sea serpent appearance has inspired legends of such creatures for centuries. In those stories, it is said that Horsecock is a malevolent sea monster that is so large and terrifying that not even the mightiest sea serpent could beat it. This creature is said to live in large schools or pods and travel the world in large schools as they search for food. They have also been reported to feed on ships and sailors who have visited their lairs, and this has led to tales of Horsecock killing sailors and wrecking their ships.

The legend of Horsecock is similar to that of the legendary sea creature, the Great Kraken. While the Kraken was a sea monster that was able to move through the water and terrorize sailors who ventured too far into its territorial waters, Horsecock can be considered more of an amphibious beast that lives in the water. Horsecock also possesses many similarities to the serpent that guarded the gates of the city of Sarnath in ancient India.

While this unique creature is believed to be about 20 feet long and can weigh several hundred pounds, sightings of Horsecock were primarily located in the South Pacific and the Western Pacific. Horsecock is said to be found in shallow waters during the morning and evening. Horsecock is believed to feed on the flesh of sailors.

Although there are no confirmed accounts of the legendary creature, many sailors have been frightened by these strange creatures. They have also been known to kill sailors who venture too near to the creature. As the tales of Horsecock have spread across the ocean, there have also been stories of sightings of it in other countries around the world, which have led to further speculation.

Some people believe that this sea serpent may be related to Gorgonops, the sea serpent that was killed by King Croesus when he invaded Greece. Some believe that both Horsecock and Gorgonops could be the same creature. while others believe they are actually two separate creatures. Other people think that Horsecock is a mythical sea serpent that was killed by Christopher Columbus, while others believe it is a real creature of the deep.