Heavy Rugs – Made Out of Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Nylon

Heavy rugs can be made of any material like silk, cotton, wool, and manmade fiber materials. It is made up of the fibers that come from animal sources. The name “heavy” is not in reference to their weight, but they are usually made up of a pile of fabric stretched over a frame. These rugs were mainly used for covering up the floors during the olden times. The word “heavy” was then given by the English language in reference to these kinds of carpets.

Wool and silk are the two most common materials used in making these carpets. Silk is the cheapest and therefore it is the most preferred by many people all over the world. But then again, there are those who prefer wool for its many advantages. These fabrics are also known as “wool carpets”. Although silk carpets are cheaper and easier to produce, they need to be replaced frequently due to their lack of durability.

Rugs can be classified into three types the pile rugs, needlepoint rugs, and floor rugs. The pile rugs are often made up of a combination of wool and polyester. The needlepoint rugs are usually made of silk and cotton. Floor rugs are often classified according to their shapes like round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular, etc. While there are certain rug styles that suit different rooms, the most popular ones are the Persian style rugs which are generally used in Oriental and Persian styles of architecture.

The Persian style rugs are mostly used in the homes of rich people and thus, the prices of these rugs are usually very high. If you are looking for some really nice pieces of furniture and home decor then an Oriental or Persian style rug would be a great choice for you. They can add elegance and richness to your interior.

There are many places where you can buy the heavy rugs. The major stores in the market like the local carpet store, discount stores, departmental stores, online stores, flea markets, etc. are just a few of the places where you can go and get the rug of your choice. You can even buy these rugs from the Internet.

These rugs are perfect for any room or place in the house or at home. If you want a place with the feel of luxury and elegance then a heavy wool carpet would definitely be perfect for you. You can also get the heavy carpets to match your home decors.