Flora’s Story

Flora sat up, picked up her clothes and headed out to the living room to find Luke. She noticed that he was dressed to impress and wasn’t alone. There was a red queen in the doorway with dark skin and a muscular body. She was holding an overpriced diamond ring and was leaning towards Luke.

“What?” asked Flora in a surprised voice. “You want to talk?” Luke’s cock was already dripping precum from behind his head and the scent of it was getting him all worked up.

“You think I’m not turned on because you’re here looking?” Flora asked, trying to be nice. “Of course not, it’s just a natural response. Besides, you are my brother.”

“So, what’s going on?” said Luke, still a little confused about everything. Flora continued talking about how florasquirt was supposed to keep her from getting hurt but this time, she didn’t even know what florasquirt was. She just remembered the guy had told her that they should go to a strip club together and that she should wear a short skirt and a low cut top. She remembered the guy told her to look like a hooker, but she thought that was kind of funny.

Flora had a hard time explaining everything to Luke. He just wanted to go have fun. Flora could tell that he was nervous and that was surprising for someone that was used to having fun. It wasn’t that she didn’t know what to do but she didn’t think that was anything too critical. This was only one of the times that he got freaked out though so he could probably handle it.

Flora and Luke ended up going to the club that night. They walked around to the right where all the freaks and oddities were hanging out. There were even some freaks that were hanging out in the grass drinking and dancing. Flora just knew that she had gotten herself into a real predicament.

As it turned out, Luke was already planning to spend the rest of the night alone with florasquirt. Flora was pretty excited because she had been looking forward to this for a long time but she was glad that she looked good while wearing it. She was also glad that she still felt confident in the dress that she had on. The only problem was that the material of the florasquirt made it way too hot for her to even stand inside of it.

She tried to put it on but it was way too hot. She decided that she would just leave it off because it was always fun to try on things and go as you go. She really looked forward to getting back to Luke soon though. She just hoped that she looked good enough in the florasquirt to get him back before he left.

Eventually he asked her out to a nice dinner. They had a great time and when the night was over, he asked her if she would like to get another one the next day. She thought that she should since she had such a great time the first time. This time though, she decided that she would be happier if she just kept the florasquirt off of her body. She was able to put it on and look just fine and did not have to worry about being uncovered by Luke.