ExCoGi – An Overview

ExCoGi is one of the newest stars in the world of gay porn. It is almost like it the guys are proud to call this controversy overrated. WTF?

According to Rose, after the anonymous male performer, ExCoGi, did not pay her anal fee during her scene, she later on claimed that “ExCoGi” did not pay her an oral fee either. This leads one to ask, how did Rose receive payment from “ExCoGi”?

According to Rose, ExCoGI is an affiliate of a porn company that pays her a commission for every sale that the company receives through their site. Rose said that she receives a commission from her “exclusive rights deal”.

ExCoGi’s website doesn’t actually provide information on their commission structure. However, I was able to find some information about how they operate their business by searching a bit on the Internet. ExCoGI offers a membership service where you will have unlimited access to their entire database which includes thousands of movies and photos of men and women in various sexual positions.

They offer a good amount of extras such as DVD copies that come with a full movie and a video tutorial on how to use their services. I wasn’t able to locate anything about paying memberships, however, so I decided to try this out myself.

As a member, you are required to fill out a registration form and agree to the ExCoGI’s own online privacy policy. You can also join other members who share similar interests.

Once you are a member, you will have to pay a one time membership fee to have unlimited access to their database. The fee can be paid in one of two ways. You may use PayPal or you can choose to pay with a credit card or check.

With PayPal, the money you pay for your membership will not show up in your account until you have made three purchases with your credit card. If you pay with a check, your payment will show up immediately and the check will contain a number on it that will serve as a code that will automatically charge your card.

Your charge will not show up on your credit card for a long time. When your check arrives at your door, you will need to write down the charge on a piece of paper and take it to the credit card company to get the balance. If you write down the wrong number, the company will not charge you for the amount on the card.

There are times when you may need to make a second deposit in order to be a new member. This deposit can be used to purchase items such as DVDs, movies and other items that you may want to view.