What is the Big Deal With “Vivid Love” by Emily Lynne McCormack?

Who hasn’t heard of Emily Lynne McCormack? She’s a British adult video star with thousands of followers on Twitter and a popular blog. She recently launched an eBook called “Vivid Love” that discusses the art of seduction. She has been criticized by many Christians for teaching things like the sexual aspect of lust. On her website she also promotes “Virtue Retreat” and “The Art of Approaching.”

Recently Emily has taken up the role of tweeting about pornography. On October 4th she stated on Twitter “I’m going to start talking about sex a lot more. What can we do to make it great & powerful? I’ve got some tips:

Recently she made a post that mentioned God, herself and others in the Bible who were very similar in their moral conduct. She encouraged people to read the Bible and tweet about their own moral progress during the week. Some people responded and accused her of being “immersessed” with sexual immorality. These critics believe that she is unspiritual and needs to get back to the basics.

This controversy is further fueling her desire to turn Vivid Love into a live stage show. She has posted several links to a trailer for her new show on YouTube. It appears as if she is trying to convert her followers to becomeaters against Christians and Christianity.

One way she intends to do this is by using “Christian chat rooms.” Online chats have been growing in popularity among Christians over the past decade or so. Many younger Christians feel that traditional church groups do not understand their needs and are too caught up in “PC” talk. They seek interaction online where they can get honest advice from other Christians with common concerns. But some older Christians are alarmed by the content of these Christian chat rooms.

I have spoken out against role playing on many occasions and in fact once acted out in a public way in front of a large group of people. My hope is that those who do use role playing as a tool to “save” themselves from reality will think long and hard before they actually engage in such activities. What is the difference between acting out and role playing online? Well, first of all, actors portray characters and the people they are playing do not. This is why it is important to always treat each other with respect no matter what the circumstances.