Ella Huges Book Review

Ella Huges, a real life, living woman, was once the object of desire of a famous Hollywood actor, but she rejected his advances and fell in love with a man instead. Ella has a long journey to recover from her hurt feelings. Her past is slowly coming back to haunt her and she is not sure what to do next.

Ella Huges is about to start a relationship with Tom. He is a young American actor who lives in New York City. The two of them have been friends for a while and before she goes off to Hollywood, she gets a chance to meet him at a bar in New York City. Things are going well between them and as time passes, he is willing to give her the freedom and comfort she needs in her new life as an actress.

One day, however, Ella learns that the man who had taken up her interest was actually abusive. She was so upset that she never went on a date with him again. Ella feels as if the whole world will know about what she has been through and is scared that it might affect her performance in movies. When she finally meets him, she is ready to tell him the truth.

Ella Huges is a very realistic woman in this book. She is a woman that was betrayed by someone she looked up to and loved. She was betrayed because her husband was not ready to give her everything she had worked so hard for.

After learning the truth, Ella tries to decide whether or not she wants to continue her relationship with Tom. She is torn between two men and she also knows that Tom does not know about the abuse he inflicted on her husband. This makes her want to end things with Tom. Eventually, she decides that the best thing to do is to move on with her life and learn to live with the man that she was before.

Ella Huges is a very believable and loving heroine in this book. She tells her story in the way that is needed to get through the pain that she is experiencing.

I think that this book is a must-read if you are looking for a little more of a female perspective on Hollywood. I felt like this book gave me a glimpse into the life of an actress and how she coped with the abuse that she received from a former lover.

Overall, this book was a real success for me. I liked the way it kept the story very personal and relatable for me. It is a very interesting book that made me think about the things that I thought about.