DotA Games – Why Is DotA Online Free?

DotAuctions are fast becoming a must have service for all serious online players. The concept of dotaddams are brilliant and simple. It is where you place a bid with the aim of buying a specific number of tickets left when the auction closes and then you can ‘cancel’ your bid without having to pay the full amount, if you win the auction. The idea is brilliant and works great as it is clear to see which games have the highest demand at any given moment making it a popular gateway to many of the most sought after online games. So why has dotaddams gained such a huge popularity with gamers?

Well, firstly it allows us to enjoy the game without spending too much time trying to work out how to win it. Although DotA has a great success rate with auctioneers still a fair amount of time is spent trying to work out just how to place a bid and what exactly we want to get for the tickets we pay for. This is often down to not being aware of the auction rules and how much is a reasonable bid for the ticket type you are trying to bid on. So many people waste hours during the day trying to work out how they are going to place that perfect last minute bid to win a game and then spend hours playing the game trying to work out how to win it next time!

That is not the case with DotA! Winners are revealed after the game has finished and the bids have been made. Anyone who wins a game within the timeframe that they have placed their bid will receive a prize. So instead of spending countless hours trying to work out how to win a big auction or how to place a bid that will make them feel good, you simply place your bid on the game and then go off to play another game! It is a much more satisfying experience and can really help you burn off a little extra energy on the weekend!

Also, DotA provides the player with a constant pool of ‘crafters’. There is an ongoing game that takes place in between all of the other auctions. This means that there is always a good supply of crates available for your team! You do not need to wait for an auction to be over before you can start ‘conning’ other people!

Auctions for DotA are generally fair. This means that everyone who places a bid receives a chance to purchase items and so it is unlikely that anyone will be “stealthed”. Also, the bidding format is simple and well structured so that there is little risk of getting caught out by other bidders. This can be a great way to get a few promotional items if you are looking to use them at your next auction. It is also a fantastic way to build your reputation as a winner.

So as you can see, there are a lot of benefits when playing DotA online but perhaps most importantly is that it is free! This is a massive bonus for anyone who wants to get involved in this exciting gaming genre, and if you want to join in then you can get started right away! Just log in to your account and start playing!