Eat and Chat and Watch Your Online Profile soar

Can you guess what this little story is about? It’s about how I went from “just a chat head” to a “top chat and fuck star”. You see, I went on a little online quest to find the best chat rooms on the web. You probably know all about how there are a ton of them out there, but do you know which ones are the best places to waste time and get laid? Read on to discover my secret (I’m not revealing it to anyone but you).

When I first got onto the net, I was like most young people doing what young people do. My only real interest was in chatting with new people. I don’t think I even visited any adult chat rooms at that time. Well, I don’t think I used any of their chat programs at all. The only reason I found myself in one chat room was because a friend of mine wanted to get back together with me after a break up.

This is when I really started to think about my life. I realized that I needed to start making more money if I wanted to move on with my life. So I did, I left my job and joined the chat scene full of hope. I thought that maybe I’d get lucky and land a really nice adult chat room that would allow me to spend quality time with hot girls. I was dead wrong.

I soon discovered what the big secrets of successful chat rooms are. The first thing that they wanted to know was, why did you want to join the chat room? Did you go there to meet someone? Or was it just for some “pick up”?

In my case, the answer to the second question was, yes, it was for the pick-up. The ladies in the chat room had been regular clients of mine. What’s more, they treated me like I was one of the special girls they had. Even though my social skill was pretty good, the chat room still gave me a great boost of self-confidence because they noticed that I treated them well. Plus, they were extremely attractive and the food was delicious.

Now that I am an experienced player, I tell any new players in the chat room to treat the girls they meet in the chat room like they treat me. If I am talking to them, I treat them like I would be having a talk with my best friend. If I go there to “shoot the breeze” as they call it in the chat room, I treat it like a nice dinner with my husband. I learn something from the experience and I keep learning. So, I guess I learned that you can eat and chat and the relationship won’t suffer.