Cireen Madden – Real Estate Agent Or Internet Model?

Can anyone say that Caireen McCann is sexy? She may be the next Marilyn Monroe and you have to admit it, but I doubt that she is going to be the sexiest woman alive today. In her recent interview with The Independent, she spoke about the pressure of her role on her personal life and her frustration that men do not seem to think the same way. I can understand both views – pressure for an acting career and pressures in personal life, but I am surprised that women are not happy with their own bodies and are keen on showing it off. That is a good thing – we should all be self-confident, but the obsession with our appearance shows that we are still in some ways tied to the outdated male gaze.

I have met a few women who are proud of their bodies, but are not bothered by what others think. They would love to be centre stage, to be the centre of attention. That is fine. And it is certainly better than living an unhappy life, worrying about what people think about us and wondering whether they think we look pretty. It is no picnic having to live with such anxieties and it certainly does not help to have Mr Orgasm every once in a while.

I guess the question should be how embarrassing is it for men to be seen alone with women? Not just in an intimate or sexual way, but – what about his friends? How will they see him if he is not showing up for dinner parties? How will they get to know the real Cireen? Will she even recognise him when she sees him at the bar?

Well, there are online dating sites for dating ladies, but surely there are more discreet ones? With all the talk of “sexting” and “creampie” in the press, I can understand how some women would feel embarrassed or even scared to contact men on a dating site. Surely there are chat rooms for couples where men can contact women? Even if the “man” is married!

Well, there are some discreet ones, yes. As long as they charge a minimum fee, and require a credit card to sign up, there is no problem. Some of these sites have strict guidelines on who they accept. For example, you cannot go looking for your “neighbor” there. And you must know, they have a zero tolerance policy.

So, how do you find the discreet ones? Just type “married men for dating” in Google – any search engine. You will be able to pick up a list of sites that allow you to contact them. But make sure you check their terms and conditions first!