About Bustygizelle Via Internet Dates

If you love beautiful ladies with big, perky boobs, you will definitely want to look at BustyGizelle. This 43-year old Brazilian stunner loves to get all of the attention that she receives from her online followers. She seems as happy as can be with performing her online cams for others, and she even looks forward to meeting new people in person. In fact, she says she feels more prepared for the webcam experience than she does when she’s out and about in real life. Here, we will take a closer look at this stunning busty girl.

Who is She? – Her real name is Felipe da Rocha, and she was born in Recife, Brazil. The former name of her stage name is Felipe Marques, and she went by this name throughout her childhood and adolescence. She met and eventually became involved with an American man through an internet dating site. After a few months of correspondence, they decided to try out a virtual relationship, and here it all started.

Where Is She From? – Brazil is located on the eastern coast of South America. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, so if you love the sunshine and the beaches, you will definitely want to spend some time here. The country has beautiful beaches, a vibrant culture, and an energetic, adventurous nightlife. There is truly something for everyone in Brazil, including BustyGizelle!

What Does she do for a living? – As a model and performer, BustyGizelle will travel around the world to visit different strip clubs. She says she enjoys the sex industry, and she really enjoyed being able to go to a strip club in Miami, Florida without any planning ahead. She will also visit exotic places such as Bali and Las Vegas. She even says that she would love to visit the Caribbean one day!

Who is her family? – Her father is originally from Colombia. She has a younger brother, and a cousin. She was raised by foster parents. Her siblings now live in California. Her mom, who is in charge of making sure her little girls are getting along and not doing anything stupid, lives in New York City.

How old is she, and how much does she weigh? – Six feet, ten inches tall, and weighs in the neighborhood of 110 pounds. She has a nice round sexy body and has probably been running for years. She really enjoys her job, and she really enjoys traveling, too!