The Woman Who Lost Her Husband is a Great Book About A Woman’s Search For Identity

Bryci Pov is a novel by Vasili Orav. The book takes place in the year 1997, and is about a young man named Yuri.

When Yuri was still a child, his parents were killed in a car crash. His mother was only fifteen when she died, and Yuri was only nine. For him, this event was devastating, but his father was still alive, and a year later he went missing, presumed dead.

Two years after his father’s death, Yuri moved from his parents home to live with his grandfather in the city of Petrograd, Russia. A year later, he was reunited with his father’s remains, but had to leave the grave immediately because of his grandfather’s wishes. He decided to return to Petrograd alone, leaving his grandfather behind, and headed to an orphanage where children are taken in by order of the government.

The only problem was that when Yuri went there for his first day, there was another child at the orphanage who was not familiar with his father. She knew him as Yevgeny. He had no idea of Yuri’s connection to his father and did not know that his father was alive or had died. She began to have suspicions that Yevgeny was in fact related to Yuri, but when he discovered that the two of them were brothers, he became more convinced that Yuri was indeed his real father.

Once it was discovered that Yevgeny was Yuri’s father, he and his brother were forced to leave Petrograd with their mother and siblings. They ended up moving to a small town in Georgia called Zhezkazgan. After living there for a couple of months, they found themselves in a very difficult situation because Yevgeny was still in jail for a murder he committed more than thirty years ago and was not allowed to see his younger brother.

Yuri, his brother, and their mother made the decision that they had to move to Zhezkazgan on their own. They were able to get a train and moved into their new home. The next day, they found themselves in a difficult situation. Fortunately, they were able to overcome this and they eventually found happiness and peace.

One of the things you will notice about Bryci Pov’s novel is that she is a good storyteller. I especially liked that she was able to tell the story without trying to use too many adjectives and put everyone into a box that didn’t fit in. Instead, she tells her story in a natural way that makes the reader relate to it more than tell them.

Overall, this book was enjoyable for me. It was a great read and I really enjoyed it.