What is the Big Tuts?

The Big Tuts are the name given to the very large, and very scary, rubber clowns that have been used in parades throughout the United States and England for quite some time. These clowns, which are known as the “Big Tuts” are designed with the intention of causing panic among anyone who witnesses them, and the fear they cause is enough to keep crowds safe for a very long time. They are also well-known as being the first major production clown that was ever built by the United States during the Twentieth century. While the Big Tuts were initially made in England in the early nineteen eighties, they are currently famous for their American debut in the late nineteen eighties.

Clowns who are considered “The Big Tuts”, are known to be over seven feet in height, and weigh between a hundred and one hundred fifty pounds. This makes the clown’s some of the most massive and heavy performers in the world. Each of these clowns is usually made of a rubber material, and each individual clown is also covered with bright red paint, or even a combination of bright red and yellow paint, which is why the clowns are often referred to as “Tuts”. These clowns are known for their exaggerated physical characteristics, and the way in which they are covered with paint has a lot to do with the clowns being so realistic.

Most of the Big Tuts are painted yellow, but a few are known to have been painted in black as well. The clowns, in general, have bright red hair and are covered from head to toe in bright red paint. Although most of the Big Tuts are known for their fear of children, a few of them actually appear more scared of adults than children. This is because the clowns are not afraid of anyone and simply enjoy their role as a clown.

Although most circus clowns that were created in the Twentieth century were extremely large, and had frightening designs on their faces, the Big Tuts is among the smallest clowns on the market today. Many people believe that the clowns are so small in stature that they are also much more realistic, and therefore, have the same effect on children and adults alike.

The Big Tuts are not only known for their appearance, but they also have a number of other things that make them stand out from the crowd. The clowns have no nose, and their mouths are completely closed when they walk, and their hands do not appear to be in the air while they are doing their tricks. This is an extremely important feature, because this is what makes clowns the first type of performer who can be considered dangerous.

Clowns, who are dressed in the Big Tuts costume are known to use various props to give their performances some extra power, such as wands and other pieces of equipment, and items such as a broom, fire extinguisher, and even a police baton. All of these items have a specific purpose and allow the clown to become a real threat to anyone who gets too close to the clown. All in all, the clown is known for being an incredibly intimidating force, and people are terrified of them for the reason that they are so large, and because of their appearance.