A Look at the Baileyrayne McCann Fighting Team

Baileyrayne MMA, also known as BAM Festival, is a martial arts festival organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are various divisions for different age groups. It aims to educate young people and help them develop martial art skills, through competitions and demonstrations. The main exhibition takes place in Mineirao do Sul, but this does not mean that the competition is only for the kids.

In every division, there are divisions based on age. The first division, the shortest one, is for those who are just 16 years old. They have to undergo a rigorous training and they have to be at least six months leaner than the Brazilian champion.

The second division consists of people who are at least twenty-three years old. At the same age, the person who is underweight will not be allowed to compete. The third division consists of those who are forty years old and above. They are allowed to participate if they are leaner than the Brazilian champion, but they cannot fight if they are overweight.

The four and the fifth divisions are for those who are fifty to seventy years old. In the first division, you will find the athletes who are seventy years old or even older. There are no age restrictions here. In the second and third division, the athletes have to undergo a rigorous training for at least three months before they are allowed to fight in the MMA competition. The fighters who are participating in the tournament have to pass a medical examination and all the medical tests.

BAM Festival is organized by BAM Skateboarding. In the past few years, BAM has become very famous. It was also featured in a lot of films and it is even included in the Olympics. The most popular among them is the BAM Skateboarding Games. The founder of BAM, Steve Massey has won more than eleven world medals, which include the gold medal for beach volleyball.

The winner of the tournament gets the title of the Best Fighter in the World. So far, Diego Scott is the only British citizen among the eight fighters who have already earned a world championship. He is followed by Oliver Heyer, who is from Singapore and Sammi Singh, who is from Canada. Scott is also the only British citizen among all the competitors.

BAM Skateboarding has two headquarters and is located on Leach Street in London. The other is in Essex and is called “BA Mega HD”. BAM has a huge following all over the world. They organize tournaments all over the year, where the competitors have to submit to a rigorous training to keep their skills sharp.

BAM has plans to expand its arms with the help of a new member – Ryan Scott, a professional skateboarder from Staffordshire. There are two types of competitions in BAM, the Team Battle and the Private Tournament. The Private Tournaments are for those who are serious about winning and the Team Battle is open for everyone. In the past few years, BAM has been featuring British male and female athletes in their events and have also been including theateurs. Each month, they organize an all-star competition in which the best three British fighters have to fight to be the World Champion.