April Oneil Review

A movie that is not only interesting but also hilarious is April Oneil. The story is based on the lives of a mother and her three daughters; all three of which are pregnant with their first born. The film starts with the birth of the first daughter in the family, as she goes under the knife.

Jennifer Finnelly (Sacha Baron Cohen) has been through so much already in her life and is just beginning to feel the pressure to have a baby and start a family. She decides to do an abortion, but is caught by her best friend, April (Sally Field). The two women decide that they can have the child that they want and try to convince the authorities to allow them to get it done. Their request is denied by the authorities; however, this does not stop them from getting their hands on the abortion pills, and they try to get more pills, until they are arrested for the illegal procedure.

Meanwhile, April gets a surprise when she discovers her husband cheating on her. He tells her that he needs the pills for his upcoming honeymoon, and he will be back the next day. However, April cannot wait to find out if he is telling the truth.

After having the baby, Jennifer Finnelly sets out to have an abortion. However, she is caught by the same authorities who arrested her for the abortion pill. April Oneil, now an actress, tries to defend her life in court, and this leads to April’s death. The court decides that she should live as long as she wants, and she is given a chance to begin a new life.

As one would expect, April must go into hiding to continue making movies. Her ex-wife, and boyfriend, have a very good thing going with each other, and they are soon enjoying the fruits of their love. But, things change when April Oneil is accidentally killed. April Two, an actress of a different kind, is hired by the authorities to find April Oneil’s killer. Soon, April Two learns more about her past and why she was given the chance to help her mother.

April Oneil is an interesting film that will surely make you laugh, and smile. It is a story that has a great ending that leaves you thinking about what could have been. If you like films that tell great stories, then this is one of them. If you are the type that likes to watch something that is funny, then this will be a good choice for you.