Animal Sex Facts

A quick Internet search will turn up a variety of different ideas about animal sex, from exotic to mundane, from taboo to mundane. While writing my book Sex Weird-O-Pedia, these came up as the top ten best animal sex facts I stumbled upon. Here are the most fascinating facts.

Turtle mating sounds can make for great dramatic effect in any erotic film, including The Breakfast Club, where Leonardo Di Caprio’s turtle relates Danny DeVito. Turtles have versatile birthing techniques. A female turtle gives birth to a single baby, and the male turtle can fertilize her eggs so that he can have his own family. There have even been reports of these two species of turtles having sex inside their shell.

Animals in general have more variety of sex than humans do. A rabbit, for example, has the same genes and the same gender, but a male rabbit is capable of producing a litter of baby rabbits. Male deer can have sex with many females, but only produce one offspring. In humans, a man can have sex with many partners, but only have one child. The same applies to horses and donkeys.

Animals also engage in a lot of interspecies sex. A dog can have sex with a horse, a cat with a rat, and a duck with a mouse. Rabbits engage in sexual relations with cats and dogs and they can also engage in sex with each other. Rabbits have a very unique system of reproduction. One female bears one litter, then both males mate with a female to give birth to two litters. This type of reproduction in animals is known as polygyny, and is an important part of the mating system in mammals. This type of reproduction is usually necessary because animals don’t share the same genes with their own species.

Animal sex can take place with members of the same species that may not be genetically related at all. Sometimes two birds can mate so they both become fertile and produce a baby, though this is not normal. Sometimes a dolphin and a shark will become a couple and have babies. Other animals are said to engage in sexual activity with each other without ever mating at all. Dolphins have been known to engage in sexual relationships with whales and dolphins, and even other sharks.

Animal sex is fascinating, and is an aspect of animal life that is often overlooked, which I find interesting. I hope you enjoy reading about animal sex.