The Beach of Agony – Book Review

A new erotic novel by Alexandre Cousteau called The Beach of Agony by Alexis Fawx, is an adventure tale of a British woman and her African safari companion who have been caught up in the political situation and civil war in Sierra Leone. Alexis Fawx is also a well known author of both science fiction and fantasy books and the first of his “Ascendant Dreams” series.

The book takes place in the summer of 1986, while Alexis Fawx was based in South Africa. He went on a tour to Africa with a friend, the author, and was very excited about the idea of having a book of this nature published, but not all was well with the country. Alexis returned to the UK and was very unhappy with the reception of the book he had written.

The book’s manuscript was rejected by many publishers, and then the author decided to self publish. This was a risky move, and was one which could make him unpopular with many publishing houses. Eventually, he was offered the chance to work with a publishing house, and the resulting partnership resulted in the book being published under the name The Beach of Agony. A number of reviews were made when the book was first published, but they were not positive.

The book received mixed reviews from readers, and many felt that the book lacked in depth character development. However, the book itself was a success and sold well. The writer decided to write a sequel to his book, and the resulting novel was called The Night of the Burning Bush, and was also well received.

A third book in his “Ascendant Dreams” series, The Secret of the Sphinx, was recently released. This book was written as a sequel to The Beach of Agony and focuses on Alexis Fawx’s relationship with his step-son, Ben. It follows the story of the events which occurred in the previous book and will bring some added tension to the story.

Alexandre Cousteau’s debut novel, The Beach of Agony is a fantastic erotic thriller and was well worth reading for the sheer adventure of the story and the exciting scenes. If you are interested in reading a book about a romance between a British woman and an African male, then this book has been written just for you!

Alexandre Cousteau’s novels are not always successful, but The Beach of Agony was one of the best books written by Alexandre Cousteau. It is sure to be highly recommended to all lovers of great sex stories. The author, Alex Alexandre Cousteau, has also written many other erotica novels, but none can compete with The Beach of Agony.

Alexandre Cousteau has written many other books which are also excellent and is highly recommended. However, The Beach of Agony is an absolute must read if you want a good erotica book.