Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Review

The Adventures of Adam and Eve Online (A&E) is a dating simulator video game developed by Freeverse, a game developer that also developed similar but much bigger Adult Friend Finder games). A&E has a long history of great game development and this one is no exception. I played the Adam and Eve game almost a year ago, back when it was still part of the alpha testing stage. That was also when I discovered the “Ada Lovelace” FMV. I have to say, it’s one of the better games in this type of genre (dating simulation) that I’ve ever played.

Now, Adam and Eve are off on their honeymoon. Things go well until Eve gets so excited about meeting Adam, she starts to pout. Of course, she’s in a relationship already and doesn’t want to break up the marriage. The rest of the game follows their crazy, raucous adventure through the wilderness of the Grand Canyon.

Adam and Eve’s journey takes them through a giant sand dune, which seems to be the location of all the evil beings that roam around the Grand Canyon. Once there, they are attacked by a tribe of zombies hungry for human flesh. The couple is saved by two men that happen to be walking nearby and happen to spot them. The men, Doc and Tommy, give them directions on how to proceed. This is where the game starts to become interesting.

While playing, I started to notice a similarity between this game and Survivor, the only true Survivor game I’ve ever played! The story is the same and the objective is almost identical. You have to get from one side of the map to the other as fast as possible. The music is kind of like Survivor’s music. The sound effects are there, but not as distracting as the way they are in Survivor.

Another thing I noticed about Aida and McCann was their interaction. Both are shown to be quite intelligent, which is important in an adventure game. It makes it a bit easier for the player to feel as though they are a part of what is going on because the characters are so naturally intelligent.

Overall, Age of Conan is a great game. It has all the things you would expect from an MMORPG game. It has great graphics, a fantastic story, excellent music, and tons of quests to complete. If you like adventure games, then you definitely need to check out Age of Conan.