Psychiatrists and sexologists agree to define two types: the “creative” ones, which aim to enrich a sexual relationship and awaken the desire and “longed for “, which refer to things you would like to happen.

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There are also fantasies that can be disturbing, such as dreaming of rape, although these seem to be created from fears and fears. Other of the most common today is those of submission and domination, which have become so fashionable thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Gray.

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The most recurrent fantasies

The “erotic fantasies” appear during the day or during the sexual act and are formed according to the personality of each one. Among the most evoked among women are to make love in a desert and wild place (a beach, a forest …) or in public (a parking, an elevator, the workplace …). Also recurring are those with a specific person (a celebrity, a stranger, a co-worker or a friend or with accessories (with their hands tied, blindfolded, with food, or with erotic toys).

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Some erotic dreams are more focused on certain situations, such as having an affair with another man, maintaining a relationship with another woman, performing violent or masochistic sex or doing a striptease in front of several men, among others. On the other hand, the fantasies of men are mainly related to the sexual act itself (fellatio, exhibitionism, change of couple or a trio with two women) and, moreover, they are satisfied more frequently. When in the porn moms bang teens then you can also get heated up and at that moment you can make use of these sex toys.

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And if I want to make them come true?

Some specialists believe that fantasies should be kept in the imagination to stimulate the libido, because if they are performed there is a risk that they lose their power and cause disappointment. Others believe that they should be met with the aim of treating some inhibitions to alleviate the lack of desire and facilitate the path to orgasm. Your instinct can help you to decide: you are the one who has to decide if you feel really ready to carry out your erotic dreams. Undoubtedly, imagination and creativity are very important when creating (or recreating) a fantasy. If you feel ready to unleash them, erotic movies can be a great source of suggestions! Use them! However, if you are willing to make a fantasy come true, you must take into account several things: that your boy or another third person does not hurt himself, that there are no health risks, that his or your partner’s ethical limits are not crossed … It is also essential that there is a lot of trust, complicity and sexual coexistence among you. Do you already know what fantasy you should try? Searches for satisfaction can provoke sexual experimentation, frequent change of partners. With the general similarity of the emotional state, the main motives for boys and girls are different motives. For young men, it is more often the desire for self-assertion, independence and independence, the desire to impress friends, curiosity and experimentation, the satisfaction of physiological needs. Girls are more often driven by love and feelings for a partner. They feel the pressure of the future sexual partner or environment, the desire to avoid loneliness and be like everyone else, they strive to become more popular among their peers and independent from their parents. Another reason for the early onset of sexual activity may be the desire to assert himself, to appear more mature, to defend his right to dispose of his own body, combined with insecurity in his sexual viability and a desire to be like “experienced” peers.

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